I am an English copywriter based in Germany. 
If you need intelligent, engaging, inspiring, witty headlines and copy that give your brand an original and authentic voice, I can do that. 
If you need hard-selling retail ads, a cliché free B2B campaign or a manifesto film that gives you goose bumps, I can do that, too.
But I offer more than just good writing. 
I offer a different point of view.
A fresh perspective. 
In Germany I'm an outsider. 
Ich bin Ausländer.
And far from being a disadvantage, I believe it gives me a creative edge. 
It means I'm not hindered by pre-conceptions. 
It means I approach every brief with fresh eyes. 
It means I don't follow conventional thinking, because I don't know what the conventional thinking is. 
But don't worry, my head isn't stuck in the clouds. 
I'm a grown up. 
With over 20 years international experience I understand the realities of day to day business. 
I learnt my craft in London in some of the finest and most competitive creative departments in the world. 
It instilled in me a love of big, bold, simple, well executed ideas. 
My work has been recognised at all the award festivals that matter. 
I mentor at Miami Ad School Europe and I live in Hamburg with my wife and three children. 
I hope to remain an outsider.